Manchego Cocktail ANTONIO – 2 Kg.


Presentation: Tray of 3 units

Net weight: 1.4 kg.

Drained weight: 1.2 kg.

Try our new and delicious Manchego cocktail. A delicious blend of chopped Almagro aubergine, pitted olives, gherkin, onion and red pepper make this the perfect cocktail combination.


Ideal for a healthy, balanced diet!

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Aubergine variety “Dealmagro”, chamomile pitted olive, gherkin, onion, red pepper, water, vinegar, spices, salt, olive oil, acidulant: E-330 and antioxidant: E-300.



ENERGETIC VALUE 247 kJ / 59 kcal
FATS   3,99 grs
of which saturates 0,70 grs
of which sugars 0,80 grs
PROTEIN 1,02 grs
SALT 1,70 grs



We select the best raw foods that we cook with high quality, natural ingredients such as olive oil, paprika, Las Pedroñeras garlic etc. The selection of the best raw foods and the highest quality ingredients together with the multiple health benefits make it an ideal food.

  • Excellent flavor and texture
  • Low in calories, ideal to be used in a hypocaloric diet.
  • Rich in water and provide fiber, vitamins and essential minerals.
  • An essential food in the Mediterranean diet.

Ideal for a healthy and balanced diet!

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