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Conservas Manchegas Antonio, S.L. (hereinafter referred to as the owner of the website), holder of tax identification no. (CIF/NIF) B13319801, is the owner of the domain, with a registered office at Ctra. de Torralba de Calatrava Km. 1,800 Polígono Industrial “El Salobral”, zip code 13260, in the town of Bolaños de Calatrava (Ciudad Real). The company is registered with the Companies Register for Ciudad Real, Volume 272, Sheet 102, Page CR-10373. Telephone: 926870112. E-mail:



The following general, and if applicable, specific, terms and conditions govern access to and use of the website.

The present website has been designed to present and make available information, data, products and services (hereinafter content) to members of the public (hereinafter the User) who access the domain (hereinafter the website).



Any person who accesses this website does so in the capacity of a User of the same. This implies knowledge and acceptance of the general terms and conditions, and if applicable, specific terms and conditions, which govern access to and use of the site. Users are advised to periodically review the terms and conditions of use in order to learn about with any changes, modifications and updates which may be made.

This website is comprised of the texts, graphics, images, videos, sound, drawings, photographs and software contained on the same, regardless of whether they are subject to copyright.

Access to the website is free and requires no prior authorization, subscription or registration, except for those specific areas of content and services for which User subscription or registration is necessary (for example, to purchase the products made available on the website) and so stipulated in the general or specific terms and conditions.

The website may limit access to specific areas of the site. In this case, the User will be required to register, providing identifying information. Once the necessary information has been provided, these areas may be accessed by means of a username and password. The username and password provided or chosen by the User are personal and non-transferable. The User shall undertake to use the site in a prudent manner.

The service is provided for an indefinite period. The website shall undertake to maintain the quality and accuracy of the content and use to the extent of its abilities. However, this does not constitute any obligation whatsoever to the owner of the website with regard to the quality or accuracy of the content and speed of access. The owner reserves the right to modify or update the terms and conditions for access to the website, or a portion of the website, without prior notice.

Users who access the site shall at all times undertake to not access the website and content in a manner contrary to that stipulated and/or for illegal purposes, harmful to the rights and freedoms of third parties, or which may harm, damage, overload or slow down the website, being detrimental to the owner of the website or third-party users.



Users shall be fully responsible for their access to the content, and may not hold the owner liable for any negative consequences deriving directly or indirectly from this access, whether physical, logical, moral or personal.

The aim of the content is to inform and present the activities, products and services provided.

The owner of the website may modify, delete and change the content within the website, as well as how the site is accessed, in order to improve the quality of the content or correct errors, endeavoring at all times to minimize the negative impact of these changes for users.


Intellectual property 

The owner of the website is the holder of the copyright and patent rights, as well as the content contained herein. This includes, but is not limited to, the information, messages, graphics, sound and image files, photographs, recordings, computer programs, databases, technological know-how, brands, distinguishing symbols, logos and in general, any type of accessible creation or material which may be the property of the owner, as well as the website itself.

The website may also make available content, services and information which are the property of third parties, whose rights are likewise protected by current legislation governing copyright and patent rights.

Any use of the website or its content must be on an exclusively individual basis. The owner of the website reserves the right to any other use which may constitute copying, reproduction, distribution, processing, public disclosure or any other similar action of all or part of the website content, as well as the same. Therefore, no User may carry out these actions for any other purposes without prior written authorization from the owner of the website.

Use of the content to promote, contract for or disseminate individual or third-party advertisements or information is prohibited without the authorization of the owner of the website, or to send advertisements or information making use of the services or information made available to Users, regardless of whether or not use is free.

Links and hyperlinks to this website included by third parties on their websites, either to open the complete website or from the home page, may not, directly or indirectly, make false, inaccurate or confusing statements or commit unfair or illegal acts against the owner of the website.

The owner of the website has procedures in place to control the quality of the links included on the website. However, the owner can accept no responsibility for the reliability or speed of the same, does not guarantee the usefulness of these links, or the content or services which the User may access by means of these links, or the proper functioning of third-party websites.



For any dispute which may arise as a result of the use of this website or the content subject to these terms and conditions, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, the parties shall be subject to the Courts of Law of Ciudad Real (Spain).

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