Almagro aubergines have one of the highest culinary uses. They are tasty and perfect to go with any dish. Did you know about its slimming properties? It’s a great product to add to our diet thanks to its high water content, fibre and very few calories.

Almagro aubergines contain a wealth of health benefits that make it an excellent food to include in your daily diet.

Health benefits of having Almagro Aubergines in your diet:

  • Aids with digestion, allowing a decrease in body fat thanks to the Saponin, which prevents absorption.
  • Fights cellulite.
  • Reduces free radicals which attack cells.
  • It has an excellent laxative effect thanks to the fibre seeds.
  • It contains anticancer properties.
  • It is very good for the liver and gallbladder.
  • Regulates cholesterol.
  • It contains calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron …

How can aubergine help me lose weight?

As previously mentioned Almagro aubergines have an element called saponin that significantly decreases fat absorption. It works as a detoxifier in our body, while improving kidney function and also acting as a diuretic. In addition to this, thanks to the fibre that their seeds contain, it improves intestinal function, avoiding problems with constipation and irritable bowel.

Now that we know how eggplants can help us in our diet, we ask:

How can I add them into my everyday diet?

Here are a few ideas:

Try them! And tell us about your experience.

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