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US scientists confirm the health benefits of Almagro Aubergines

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Researchers working in the Department of Agriculture in the US, a global reference centre in deciding the nutritional values of foods, have confirmed that Almagro Aubergines contain high levels of chlorogenic acid, a potent antioxidant with multiple health benefits.



The analysis was conducted by two of the worlds specialists in aubergine polyphenols, Researchers and Doctors, John Stommel and Bruce Whitaker. Using samples sent from Ciudad Real, they confirmed and concluded that the results in one of the first analyses to be carried out in Spain.

The working group was led by Professor Jaime Prohens of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in collaboration with Dr. Francisco Ribas Centre for the Agricultural Improvement “The Chaparrillo” and the Association for the promotion of IGP ‘Berenjena de Almagro.’ They had previously confirmed in other scientific trials that the Almagro aubergine had a “very high” polyphenol content.

The results that were sent from the United States Department of Agriculture, confirmed not only its high polyphenol content but also showed that the main phenolic compound in Almagro aubergines is chlorogenic acid, representing a massive 83 percent of the total. The values of chlorogenic acid in Almagro aubergines are “four times higher than those used as fresh consumption to use as a reference. They are also higher than those of the wild species of aubergine Solanum Incanum, known for its high values in this compound. ”

There are many clinical studies showing health benefits of chlorogenic acid, including reducing high-density cholesterol (the so-called “bad cholesterol”), the regulation of glucose levels in the blood and antitumor and cancer preventative properties and antioxidant.All this research reinforces the “excellent qualities of Almagro aubergines and shows the health benefits of this unique product in the world.”

Premio Conservas Antonio

Business achievement award 2018 Conservas Antonio S.L.

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Click HERE to view the video of the award ceremony Conservas Antonio S.L.


The Finance Minister of enterprise and innovation, Patricia Franco, has shared with the business sector of Castilla-La Mancha the progress made in economic and social development in the region. She has done so within the framework of the Business Achievement Awards, which this year celebrates its third edition. It was celebrated in Marchamalo (Guadalajara) and was chaired by the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page.

During the awards ceremony, which was also attended by the Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Juan Alfonso Ruiz Molina, CECAM president, Ángel Nicolás, amongst other authorities, Conservas Manchegas Antonio SL Bolanos de Calatrava, Ciudad Real was recognised for its work. A company founded in 1965 that began by dedicating itself to the production of pickles and preserves and has made the Almagro Aubergine its leading product.

He also stressed the “great potential” of Castilla-La Mancha and listed some of the achievements thanks to the “joint efforts” of the businesses and the regional government. These include Castilla- La Mancha as the first region in business confidence and the second most dynamic in exports in the last three years, as well as enterprise and job creation.In this respect, he said that these awards “are celebrating the excellence of our economic fabric”, both traditional sectors “who were able to withstand the crisis reinventing, innovating and internationalising” as well as new emerging sectors that have hatched later, such as energy, tourism, the aviation industry, logistics, technology and circular economy, “where we want to be pioneers,” he added.

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Start taking care of yourself with Almagro Aubergines

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Almagro aubergines have one of the highest culinary uses. They are tasty and perfect to go with any dish. Did you know about its slimming properties? It’s a great product to add to our diet thanks to its high water content, fibre and very few calories.

Almagro aubergines contain a wealth of health benefits that make it an excellent food to include in your daily diet.

Health benefits of having Almagro Aubergines in your diet:

  • Aids with digestion, allowing a decrease in body fat thanks to the Saponin, which prevents absorption.
  • Fights cellulite.
  • Reduces free radicals which attack cells.
  • It has an excellent laxative effect thanks to the fibre seeds.
  • It contains anticancer properties.
  • It is very good for the liver and gallbladder.
  • Regulates cholesterol.
  • It contains calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron …

How can aubergine help me lose weight?

As previously mentioned Almagro aubergines have an element called saponin that significantly decreases fat absorption. It works as a detoxifier in our body, while improving kidney function and also acting as a diuretic. In addition to this, thanks to the fibre that their seeds contain, it improves intestinal function, avoiding problems with constipation and irritable bowel.

Now that we know how eggplants can help us in our diet, we ask:

How can I add them into my everyday diet?

Here are a few ideas:

Try them! And tell us about your experience.

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Almagro Aubergine production process

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Did you know that the Almagro aubergine is made traditionally by hand and goes through 4 different phases in the production process?


1.Collection and transportation.

The harvest season is between the months of July to September. Almagro Aubergines are sown in our own fields and are carefully collected individually by our farmers to be brought to our factory under optimal conditions.


2. Peeling phase.

Our workers select the produce that complies with our very thorough quality control.When the products pass the selection process, the stem and leaves are removed.


3. Classification.
Almagro aubergines are classified according to their calibre (approximate number of aubergines in every 2kg)
Currently we produce 5 different calibres: 15/20-20/25-30/35-45/50-70/80


4. Cooking.
The “raw” Almagro aubergine is subjected to a cooking process for a period of 5-15 minutes to achieve the desired texture and colour.


5. Fermentation.
The Almagro aubergines are stored in large cylinders to start the controlled natural fermentation process which lasts ten to fifteen days depending on the room temperature recorded.


6. Preparation of Almagro Aubergines.
At this stage we carry out a new selection process. Afterwards, the product is made using the traditional method by hand. The final presentation: aubergine centres, cut, sliced, stuffed with peppers, seasoned, etc..


7. Seasoning, packaging and pasteurisation.
We cook with the finest quality all-natural ingredients (olive oil, paprika “de la Vera”, cumin, <i>Las Pedroñeras garlic</i>, etc). We package all our products using traditional methods to ensure that the Almagro aubergines keep all their nutritional properties, texture, appearance and taste. The packaged product goes through a pasteurisation process.


8. Packaging.

Whether it is metal or glass, once the products are labelled and packaged in boxes, our aubergines are ready to be shipped to anywhere worldwide.

Health benefits of Almagro aubergines

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US scientists have confirmed that Almagro aubergines have many health properties. The health benefits make it a great food to eat.


Low in calories, only 26kcal per 100g!

Rich in antioxidants (slows down aging and contributes to the protection against carcinogenics).

Rich in fibre (regulates digestion and reduces cholesterol).

Contains vitamin B2, essential for looking after your cardiovascular health.


Ideal for a healthy, balanced diet.

Premios Conservas Antonio

Conservas Antonio, the best Almagro Aubergine in Los Premios Gran Selección 2018

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Conservas Antonio received the award for the best Almagro aubergine in Los Premios Gran Selección 2018, which awards the best food products in Castilla-La Mancha.

It is an award that recognises the great work and daily efforts of Conservas Antonio to obtain an artisan product of the finest quality.


Great selection: The best products of the best region.

Last week the Municipal Theatre in Tomelloso accepted a distinction for one of the best products in the food sector in Castilla-La Mancha. Los Premios Gran Selección started in 1990 and this year celebrate their 29th edition, the ceremony celebrates the highest quality products in Castilla-La Mancha. The awards recognise the good work of the growers and farmers, castellano-manchego manufacturers in the categories of wine, cheese, oil, honey, saffron, ham, Almagro aubergines, melon, garlic, lamb, pan de cruz and game.



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