Did you know that the Almagro aubergine is made traditionally by hand and goes through 4 different phases in the production process?


1.Collection and transportation.

The harvest season is between the months of July to September. Almagro Aubergines are sown in our own fields and are carefully collected individually by our farmers to be brought to our factory under optimal conditions.


2. Peeling phase.

Our workers select the produce that complies with our very thorough quality control.When the products pass the selection process, the stem and leaves are removed.


3. Classification.
Almagro aubergines are classified according to their calibre (approximate number of aubergines in every 2kg)
Currently we produce 5 different calibres: 15/20-20/25-30/35-45/50-70/80


4. Cooking.
The “raw” Almagro aubergine is subjected to a cooking process for a period of 5-15 minutes to achieve the desired texture and colour.


5. Fermentation.
The Almagro aubergines are stored in large cylinders to start the controlled natural fermentation process which lasts ten to fifteen days depending on the room temperature recorded.


6. Preparation of Almagro Aubergines.
At this stage we carry out a new selection process. Afterwards, the product is made using the traditional method by hand. The final presentation: aubergine centres, cut, sliced, stuffed with peppers, seasoned, etc..


7. Seasoning, packaging and pasteurisation.
We cook with the finest quality all-natural ingredients (olive oil, paprika “de la Vera”, cumin, <i>Las Pedroñeras garlic</i>, etc). We package all our products using traditional methods to ensure that the Almagro aubergines keep all their nutritional properties, texture, appearance and taste. The packaged product goes through a pasteurisation process.


8. Packaging.

Whether it is metal or glass, once the products are labelled and packaged in boxes, our aubergines are ready to be shipped to anywhere worldwide.

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